Land of Second Chance Revisited

by Shelton Prince In 2004 I started working for this small (15 Employees) Laboratories after leaving a Huge Competitor, in the beginning things where normal, I arrived at work did my job and went home,…

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NBLSC Hacked

Please accept our apology if you received spam emails from Hackers planted a malicious program in the web site. The problem program has been identified and removed. We are auditing our set up and…

Bullying, Bigotry and a Bill to Prevent Picking on All Personnel

“Bullying Bigotry and a Bill to Prevent Picking on All Personnel”

Culture is a powerful force, especially in the workplace. In the right setting, high-stress, high-profile workplaces such as hospitals, law enforcement offices and professional sports teams can promote a culture of camaraderie and teamwork while producing positive results. However, big egos also can quickly reign supreme, leaving an environment […]

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Targets of non-profit board bullies face an even greater challenge than those who work for corporations or the government.

Well, that isn’t quite right. "Bullying" is just a sub-class of the tort we all know as intentional infliction of emotional distress. According to press reports of the trial, the plaintiff perfusionist was the subject of a verbal attack by a heart surgeon. The plaintiff claimed that the attack […]

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Workplace bullying in nonprofit organizations

Workplace bullying in nonprofit organizations is far more prevalent than one might believe. We tend to think they’re organized by good people to advance a cause or perform a service for the community. All it…